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Frequently Asked Questions - CanLit for Kids

Q. Can individuals order books from CanLit or is it just for schools?

A. Yes, anyone may order books from CanLit. Our mandate however, is to support school libraries. Individuals wishing to order books from CanLit can request an account to access the book lists online and can order individual titles. School discount rates do not apply to individuals and payment must be made using secure transactions with Visa or MasterCard, prior to books being shipped. Individuals ordering books from CanLit will receive a 5% discount.

Q. Why can’t I get preview packages of books from CanLit, like I do with other companies?

A. CanLit is a small company who deals directly with a variety of publishers. We select what we believe are the best quality books to meet school library needs. We do not ship “preview” packages of books to schools. However we do offer you the opportunity of previewing the books online. Here you will find a full colour image of the jacket cover for each book, detailed notes about the book and links to popular review sites. With increased shipping costs, the potential for damage to books in transit, and a concern over keeping costs to a minimum, we do not ship “preview” packages. However if a particular title does not meet your expectations, your returns will be accepted (see return policy). So please, “preview” the books online and, if required, modify your book packages prior to us shipping them out to you.

Q. What is Option 1 and Option 2?

A. Any school that indicates they are going to purchase all three book packages in a school year is referred to as an Option 1 CanLit customer. Most of our customers are Option 1 customers as they have learned the value of the CanLit service after being a customer over several years. These schools budget approximately $1,000.00 or more for their annual purchases from CanLit.

Any school that indicates they are going to purchase one or two book packages in a school year is referred to as Option 2 CanLit customer. Some of our customers are Option 2 customers. These schools may be new to the CanLit service and wish to try a package or two to see what the service is like or they may be schools with limited budgets. A package of books costs approximately $325.00, so these Option 2 customers would budget anywhere from $300.00 to $700.00 for their purchases from CanLit.

Q. What discount rate do schools get?

A. School libraries that subscribe to and purchase all three packages of books from CanLit in any school year (Option 1), will receive a discount rate of 20% for each package. For those schools who commit to purchasing one or two packages of the three annually (Option 2), the discount rate is set at 15%. Any school who refers another school who is not a customer of CanLit will receive an additional 5% discount off their package if the referred school purchases a package of books.


Q. How does my school return books if required?

A. Package those books securely and well padded so they will not be damaged. Mail them to us by Canada Post, regular rate. Keep your receipt. You pay the postage at your end and we will deduct up to $7.50 from your shipping charge when we revise your invoice.

Q. What happens if my school chooses to return more than 5 books from a package?

A. Returning more than 5 titles from a package generally will result in a reduced discount rate.


Q. What happens if my school has to return the whole package?

A. We hope you will recognize the excellent quality and selection and want to keep it. If you must return it for a valid reason, let us know within 20 days of receipt and we will arrange for CANPAR to pick it up at our expense. However, if you notify us later than 20 days after you receive it, then we will have to charge you for the return shipping. THERE ARE NO RETURNS ACCEPTED AFTER 60 DAYS.

Q. If my school subscribes to Option One, do we have to pay for all three packages at once?

A. No. Most schools choose to pay separately for individual packages as they are received and invoiced. Several customers keep an open Purchase Order at the School Board Office for the full year.


Q. What happens if my school subscribes to Option One and then our budget is cut later in the year? Do we have to pay for all 3 packages?

A. No. You pay only for the books you receive and can afford to keep. If, for example, at the beginning of the year you subscribe to Option 1 with a 20% discount on three packages. Then after receiving the first two packages you find that you cannot afford the third package and wish to cancel. Let us know and we won’t ship it to you. However, if you don’t let us know and we ship it, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges. The discount you receive for any future packages of books after cancelling an Option 1 subscription will be at 15% and then return to the 20% level on the third order.


Q. What happens if my school subscribes as an Option 2, committing to buy the first two packages at 15% discount and then decides to buy the 3rd package?

A. We will increase your discount to 20% for the third package and will adjust the final invoice to include the extra discount.


Q. Why is my online shopping cart already filled with books when I log onto the CanLit web site?

A. Our basic packages (K-5, K-7, Middle and Secondary) contain a specially selected collection of Canadian books published within the previous 6 months. Each order cycle (September, January and May) CanLit offers selections from over 20 different Canadian publishers. The curriculum-based collection includes a sample of picture books, fiction and non-fiction, and is balanced with something for each grade level and with consideration for the interests of both boys and girls. Our staff of highly qualified and experienced teacher-librarians has the interest and knowledge to pre-select quality materials, saving you many hours of searching through publisher’s catalogues. This is why you will find the shopping cart pre-loaded. You may modify your shopping cart and make substitutions or additions.

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