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Thank you for visiting CanLit online. Our policies are posted below for your convenience. If you have any questions that are not covered under the headings below, please Contact Us by email or by phone on our toll-free line, 1-833-462-2444 (within Canada only).

Placing Orders

Schools will be presented with a menu of pre-loaded Grade Level packages of books, highly recommended by CanLit staff. To add a package of books to your "book cart", click on the package listing in the menu at the side of the screen. You can continue to browse after adding a package to your cart and can add packages of "extra" titles or substitutes. Any of these titles can be removed from your book cart simply by clicking on the button to delete the title. Once you are ready to checkout, click the "checkout" button at the bottom of the page and your order will be placed.

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Schools, school districts or organizations may choose to have their package of books invoiced to the school (with payment requested within 45 days). For individuals ordering books from CanLit or any schools that choose to do so, we do accept VISA and MASTERCARD. All prices are in Canadian funds.

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CanLit utilizes the services of CanPar as our exclusive shipper unless the destination is not serviced by CanPar, in which case we will use Canada Post. Invoicing and packaging of books takes place at the Canlit warehouse. Shipping rates within Canada are calculated on a sliding scale with a base rate charge of $9.00 per package applied and a per book fee of $0.75 for orders of up to 49 books. Orders of 50 to 60 books are charged a flat rate of $46.50 anywhere in Canada. Orders of 61 to 70 books are charged a flat rate of $54.75 anywhere in Canada. Orders of 71 or more books are charged a flat rate of $70.00 (to a single site) anywhere in Canada.

Orders outside of Canada will be shipped and charged according to the speed of delivery you require.

Please provide us with an email address by which we can respond to your requirements and confirm shipping arrangements and costs.

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Duty, Customs and Taxes

Orders within Canada will be subject to GST only (for books). Shipping and handling charges within Canada are subject to provincial HST where applicable, otherwise only GST.

Orders shipped to international destinations may be subject to applicable duty and clearance charges, which will be the responsibility of the recipient upon delivery.

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CanLit for Kids gives 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% discounts based on whether the order is placed by an individual not connected to a school, a school or educational organization, the subscription level option selected by schools and the number of books kept/returned.

Individuals and/or non-school organizations: To place an order for an individual, Contact Us at CanLit  to set up an online account with a user name and password. You will then login separately and can view and order books. As an individual or non-school organization, you will receive a 5% discount from listed prices.

Schools (and school library staff) and other educational organizations: Schools or educational organizations who were customers of CanLit prior to September, 2008, will already have a user name and password. If you have forgotten this or are a school new to CanLit, Contact Us by email to set up an online account with a user name and password. You can then login and can view and order book packages. As a school organization, you will receive a 10% to 25% discount from listed prices, based on your subscription option and the number of books kept.

Schools - Option One: Subscribing to CanLit as an Option 1 is a commitment. Customers who order and purchase three packages (approximately 20 books each) in a school year receive 20% discount on each package of books. Customers may return up to 5 books per package and retain the 20% discount. If more than 5 books per package are returned the discount will be changed to 15%. When you indicate that you will be purchasing all three packages (Option 1) at the start of the school year, you qualify for a 20% discount. If you then have to cancel one or both orders (for whatever reason) after receiving the first package at 20% discount, you may be billed for the 5% discount difference over the base discount of 20% that you received for the first previous package. The following year, you will have to order (and pay for) 2 packages at a base 15% discount, before re-qualifying for the 20% discount.

Schools - Option Two: Customers who subscribe to CanLit and order/purchase one or two packages of books (approximately 20 books each) in a school year receive 15% discount on each package of books. Customers may return up to 5 books per package and retain the 15% discount. If more than 5 books per package are returned the discount will be changed to 10%. If customers who have signed up for 1 or 2 packages and order a third package for the year, the third package will be sold at the 20% discount level.

Referral Discount: Any school who is currently a CanLit customer may receive an additional 5% discount to their subscription level. Refer another school who is not currently a CanLit customer. If that school orders and pays for a package of books from CanLit, your school will receive an additional one time 5% discount on your next order.

After 60 days, book sales are considered final and you will be invoiced for the total value of the package received (including appropriate discounts).

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All products are guaranteed against manufacturer defect. Products may be returned for a full refund or exchange.

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Returns & Exchanges Policies

In keeping with the conditions of our stated Guarantee, you must notify us within 60 days that you would like to return or exchange a product, and the reason for your request. You may notify us via mail, e-mail, on-line form, phone or fax. Items for exchange or refund must be in saleable condition. Items defective due to publisher or printer error are also accepted for refund or replacement. Please include details on the nature of the defect.

There are NO RETURNS after 60 days.

Canlit for Kids provides a service for busy teacher librarians. Each pre-selected package is sold as a complete package, including free Teacher Notes, Posters, Canadian Flag spine labels, MARC records (downloaded from our web site), and other classroom support material as becomes available.

However, we recognize that occasionally you may already have one or two titles, or that sometimes a book is not suitable for a particular situation. For those reasons, we encourage you to preview the books for each package on our web site, prior to our shipping the package to you. After previewing (and before shipping), you may then let us know if any of the titles do not meet your needs. We can substitute titles for you or simply not ship those you don’t want in your order. This way, we cut down on shipping costs (for everyone) and address your immediate needs. If after adjusting your order and upon receipt of the books, you decide that there are some titles that do not meet your needs, we do allow up to five (5) returns (maintaining your selected option level discount).

1. Mail returns by Canada Post (regular rate) WITHIN 20 DAYS of receiving books to maintain discount, see DISCOUNT POLICY below.

RETAIN YOUR POST OFFICE RECEIPT as evidence that books have been shipped. We regret we must charge for damaged books; therefore, please ENSURE THEY ARE SECURELY PACKED. We will fax you a revised invoice, including postage rebate up to a maximum of $7.50

2. If for any reason you must return the complete package, such as an unexpected budget freeze, PHONE OR FAX AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we will arrange for CanPar to pick it up.

NOTE: Customers will be responsible for all return shipping charges after the 20 day time limit, or return shipping if we have not been notified.

Thank You! We appreciate your cooperation.


CanLit for Kids Books Ltd.
Att: Customer Service

124 Pratt Road 
Gibsons, BC V0N1V3



Contact Us


Within Canada only

Outside Canada
Fax: 1-778-462-2440

Refunds will be processed upon receipt of purchase, in the amount equal to the value of the product(s) and any applicable taxes. Refunds are in the form of credit to the charge card number used in the original purchase or are deducted from an invoice if the books were billed to an account.

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Secure Purchasing

All transactions are processed with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure privacy and integrity of your order information. SSL has been referred to as "the most advanced online ordering security system available". In fact, there is a greater chance of having your credit card number intercepted by a third party when you use your credit card over the phone or in a restaurant or store.

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Your relationship with us is very important. We will not rent, share or sell information about you to any third party. We limit the information we collect from you to a minimum, as necessary to provide outstanding products and service.

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